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Why web apps are still the future in 2022

A web app is a fully functional computer program that is delivered plugin free, app store free directly into the web broweser.
With your permission they can access your device's rotation sensors, camera, mic and location.
They provide an easy way for people to start using software without having to dig around app stores or device compatability tables.
Mobile web apps can look truly beautiful and have a great ability for being future proof and just working.

What is PHP

PHP is a programming language,

PHP stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" which is a recursive acronym.

It can be used on websites to provide extra functionality such as: -

  • The ability to interact with databases and to other files
  • The ability to read information from other computer systems
  • It can process complex multi-part form submissions
  • It can handle complex authentication so as to secure sensitive information

According to PHP is used by over 79% of all websites.

Nicholas Shiell has over 15 years experience with PHP.

What is JavaScript

JavaScript is another programming language. It has been used for many years to add dynamic features and animations to websites.

In the last few years JavaScript has also been installed on servers, this allows JavaScript to generate pages on-demand for people to view.

Another new and exciting trend is the ability to use JavaScript for building traditional desktop applications, these apps look fantastic and work very well on Windows PCs, Apple Macs and Linux desktops.

Nicholas Shiell has over 15 years experience working with JavaScript.

What is Python

Named after "Monty Python's Flying Circus" Python is another programming language in use today.

As well being used for building websites, Python can also be used for automating server batch jobs and automating complex software deployment.

Some less well-known uses of Python include being used for building desktop software with tools such as PyQT, and also software for unusual devices such as the Raspberry PI.

Python is often used by computer scientists and academics for scientific and mathematics calculations.

Nicholas Shiell has used Python for many years.

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